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"If you are even remotely thinking about starting a business, make this book from successful entrepreneur and author Charles Kollo your initial investment.

I have participated in the startup of three companies and wish that I could have had the benefit of his book for each of them. Packed with ideas and tips gained from Mr. Kollo’s personal experience as an FBE (Foreign Born Entrepreneur), this book will be invaluable whether you are trying to start a business in a foreign country, if you are a minority trying to start a business in your own country, or simply anyone who wants to make his dream of business ownership a reality. Hustling in America answers the 22 key questions you need to address in starting a new business and provides invaluable resources for such key topics, as market testing, form of organization to choose, initial financing, maintaining personal relationships, compliance with governmental regulations, choosing attorneys and other specialists, and how to do more with less.

Kollo’s advice is practical, pertinent, and realistic. Whether you intend to create a traditional brick and mortar business or want to enter the world of e-commerce and cyber space, this book can greatly enhance the likelihood of your being successful."

Jack Quick

"America, as we all know, is a country of immigrants (even the native Americans are said to be immigrants from Asia during the Ice Age, crossing on foot and horseback from Siberia at a time when the continents were connected). Charles Kollo's HUSTLING IN AMERICA follows in this tradition of relying on talent from other shores to fuel the country's development, by advising American-based entrepreneurs from other countries with regard to the secrets of business success in the USA.

The book is unique in that it has been specifically written to address the needs of American-based entrepreneurs from other countries, even though others could certainly benefit from the material. Considering that his own successful start-up was voted among the ten top businesses in the prestigious Harvard Business Contest in November 2011, the author (from France) appears well-qualified to write this text.

The book is a veritable treasure trove of practical, how-to, nuts-and-bolts information on a wide range of important topics, including: how to prepare oneself for entrepreneurship, choice of business entities, how to finance a product idea, how to protect the idea and much more. In addition to its positioning, one of the other things that makes this book unique is its fresh perspective on time-worn subjects.

As one example, I loved the story about Christopher Columbus's discovery of America as perhaps the first successful start-up in the New World, with Queen Isabella of Spain serving as the angel investor or venture capitalist, depending on choice of terminology.

One of the most fascinating insights in the book is the story of one of the author's successful consulting clients in France, who revealed to the author that when searching for professional services (legal and accounting), he would deliberately seek out immigrants, for the reason that their overcoming so many obstacles was a reflection of their abilities. This is indeed so true and the author himself is one of the best examples. Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs of all types (but especially American-based entrepreneurs from other countries) will be indebted to Mr. Kollo for producing this pathbreaking and invaluable guidebook."

Daniel K. Berman, Ph.D.

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